Arizona Desert Outfitters

We are passionate about hunting the deserts of Arizona.

Arizona is known for the best desert bighorn sheep hunting in the world.  It’s something we don’t take lightly.  We value every opportunity to help our clients before, during, and after their desert sheep hunting journey.

Outside of a hunter being in a position to purchase Arizona’s Auction Bighorn Sheep Permit, or being lucky enough to draw Arizona’s Desert Bighorn Raffle Permit, sheep hunting in Arizona is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt!  We understand how important this hunt and tag is.

We scout several sheep units all year long.  It’s a passion.  It’s something we do because we love it, not just because we may or may not have a client.  Year-round scouting has helped our clients harvest some of the largest rams in the state year after year.

It’s important for you to contact us, before or after applying for your sheep hunt. Sheep permits are extremely limited, and developing the best strategy starts before the application period in June.

Keep in mind, we are not a big outfitter and because of our reputation, we book our desert sheep hunts early.


Eric Hunt

Eric Hunt, co-owner of Arizona Desert Outfitters. Eric is an extremely successful guide and hunter.


Troy Scott

Troy Scott, co-owner of Arizona Desert Outfitters. Troy has an unreal passion for hunting bighorn sheep.


Travis Scott

Travis Scott, great glassing ability and very talented desert hunting guide.


Brook Stiltz

Brooks Stiltz, an extremely gifted desert sheep hunting guide.


Tom Priest, hard working and talented sheep guide.


Josh Flowers – very experienced and knowledgeable sheep guide


Ryan Ghan – A passionate sheep guide with a very strong work ethic.