The Legend of “Curly”


We would like to share with you one of the greatest desert rams of all time! “Curly” was first discovered in 2014 by Arizona Desert Outfitters owner Troy Scott.  For the last few years our ADO team has spent countless hours trying to keep track of “Curly” and his wild habits.  He would cover over 20 miles in just a few weeks and spent most of his time living in washes like a desert mule deer.  He is and always will be a legend!

“Curly” was harvested on December 18th, 2016, by the Arizona Auction tag holder.  The hunter wishes to remain anonymous, but we want to congratulate him on harvesting one of the greatest rams of all time!  We appreciate his contribution to Arizona to help keep sheep on the mountain.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our friend, Ray Alt, for all of his time and effort to help us locate this ram!  Ray is great man!   Thanks to our partners at Colburn and Scott Outfitters for helping us out with this hunt! We also want to thank Chris and Mark Stevens for being the stand up guys that they are!  Thank you so much!

2015 Sheep Season

We had another great December in 2015!  Congratulations to Scott Stevens, Scott Moore, Caitlin Hunt and Travis Scott on harvesting their beautiful Arizona desert rams!


gallery4Scott Moore


Travis Scott 2015

Arizona Desert Mule Deer 2014

Arizona Desert Outfitters had another successful season on the desert in 2014.  We can’t wait to get rolling on our 2015 season! Here are a few photos of our 2014 season.


GJ Mallory

GJ Mallory

Coach's buck

Coach’s buck


Kris Kohlhoff


AZDO guide John Apolinar


AZDO Co-Owner Eric Hunt


Kris Kohlhoff and Officer Craig Heath


Snow on the desert


2014 Arizona Desert Sheep Season

The 2014 Arizona desert sheep season was unbelievable.  Our ADO team guided 7 hunts with 6 of the rams making the B&C record book!  Congratulations to all of our hunters and thank you for allowing us to help you on your once in a lifetime hunt!